NCAA Hall of Champions, 2000, 2007

700 W. Washington St. Indianapolis, IN 46204

Architect:  Michael Graves – and – RATIO Architects Inc. -and – Jack Rouse & Associates (reconstruction and expansion)


Situated along the White Rival Canal and Indianapolis Cultural Trail, the NCAA Hall of Champions is comprised of three areas: office space for the NCAA corporate headquarters, museum space and grand hall. The grand hall and exhibition center is perhaps the most stunning structure on the complex, located along the southern edge. The hall is considered the area specifically devoted to the NCAA Hall of Champions. A vaulted ceiling rises over four stories and can be seen through the seven massive windows that run the length of the structure. The unique façade is reminiscent of collegiate athletic facilities and it is frequently used as a backdrop for NCAA announcements and broadcasts. The museum area is located along the north side of the complex and features a double barrel vaulted ceiling which was designed to resemble an athletic stadium. The office space is along the east edge of the complex, the restored historic structure runs adjacent to the canal offering scenic views of the cultural trail.


Designed by world renowned architect Michael Graves, the NCAA Hall of Champions is not only a unique design but an innovative land use project. The site reused a brownfield site that formerly housed an industrial power plant, in addition to renovating a small historic building that had formerly held office space. After an electrical fire in 2007 the Hall re-opened in 2009, instead of simply repairing the damage RATIO Architects Inc. and Jack Rouse & Associates redesigned the interior space; creating additional exhibit areas as well as making the structure more environmentally sustainable.

Designation status:  None

Style:  Post Modern, Adaptive Reuse

Owner (past/present):  National Collegiate Athletic Association

Materials:  Brick, Steel, Glass

Additions and/or changes with date:  2007-2009 partial reconstruction due to electrical fire

Historic use/current use:  Museum, Conference center

Is building open to the public?:  Yes, the grand hall, lobby and gift shop are open to the public free of charge.

Condition:  Excellent

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