Old Indianapolis City Hall  1910

202 North Alabama Street, Indianapolis, IN 46278

Architect/Designer:  Rubush & Hunter


The Old City Hall is a four story limestone structure. Designed in three distinct layers the City Hall has a larger than life presence in downtown Indianapolis. The base layer of the building features the main entrance, a series of separate entries with neo-classical pediments. The horizontal stonework is then juxtaposed with the engaged two story Doric columns that create the second layer. The roofline features several neo-classical designs that are repeated from the base layer. The unique details and juxtaposition of design gives the City Hall an elegant and timeless appearance.


Part of the city beautiful movement, Old City Hall was the crowning achievement in Indianapolis’ classicism. When the government offices moved to the City-County Building in 1962 the Indiana State Museum took up long term residence in the Old City Hall a transition that greatly aided the buildings’ long term preservation. Currently the Old City Hall is slated to be the home of a new 21c Museum Hotel, a boutique hotel that offers guests a unique experience.


National Register of Historic Places, 1974

Style:  Classic Revival

Owner (past/present):  Past: City of Indianapolis / Present: City of Indianapolis, leased to 21c Museum Hotels

Materials:  Indiana limestone

Additions and/or changes with date:  Interior renovations (Date unknown) /Exterior renovations currently underway (2015)

Historic use/current use:  Historic Use: City Hall  / 1962-2002: Indiana State Museum / Present Use: Will become a boutique hotel by 2017

Is building open to the public?:  No, under construction

Condition:  Excellent

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