Christ Church Cathedral, 1857

125 Monument Circle, Indianapolis, IN 46204

Architect/Designer: William Tinsley


Christ Church Cathedral sits in the north east block of Indianapolis Monument Circle Historic District. A Gothic revival cathedral, Christ Church Cathedral is constructed of rusticated limestone. The church features a front tower and spire with extensive stained glass throughout the structure. While the spire was included in the original design by Tinsley it was not built until 1867, ten years after the church’s construction. The interior features an expansive wood roof truss system; in addition to an exquisite alter space and pipe organ. The alter space is partitioned by an intricately carved wood screen with gothic elements. Christ Church Cathedral is a stunning, historic monument and a must see on Indianapolis’ Monument Circle.


Christ Church is the oldest church in Indianapolis and the only remaining church within the Monument Circle Historic District. Originally called Christ Church, it was elevated to cathedral status in 1954. Eli Lilly Jr. was a member of Christ Church Cathedral congregation and endowed the parish with ten percent of his estate in the 1970s.


National Register of Historic Places (1975)

Washington Street-Monument Circle National Register Historic District (1997)

Monument Circle Historic District (Local designation 2013)

Style: Gothic Revival

Owner (past/present):

Christ Protestant Episcopal Church of Indianapolis

Materials: Indiana Limestone

Additions and/or changes with date:

Spire added in 1867

Basement expanded in 1982

Historic use/current use:

Episcopal Church (from construction to present)

Is building open to the public?:

Yes, open for tours and as an active congregation

Condition: Excellent

Website and/or sources of information:

Christ Church Cathedral Website:

Research Sources:

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