Indiana State Capitol Building, 1878

200 W Washington St, Indianapolis, IN 46204

Architect/Designer: Edwin May


The Indiana State Capitol is a four story cruciform plan with a central domed rotunda. The structure is divided into five symmetrical bays: the front entrance, wings on both sides and an end bay that is three windows wide. The entrance features Corinthian columns and a large pediment with Neo-Classical detailing. Additional Neo-Classical detailing can be found throughout the structure in the window pediments and the roof line. The crowning jewel of the capital is the large beautifully detailed 73 foot dome and cupola. A beautiful symbol of civic architecture, the state capitol has remained the center of civic life in Indianapolis.

Significance Statement – including special status and awards won:

This is the fourth state capitol and the second to be built in Indianapolis and it remains largely unaltered since its construction. The current statehouse cost approximately $51 million in today’s dollars when it was built in 1888. The lawn is used for monuments celebrating Indiana history; this practice along with the stunning architecture of the capital caused it to become a model for state capitols around the nation. The Indiana State Capitol is a beautiful example of Renaissance revival civic architecture that was immensely popular in the 19th century.

Designation status:

National Register of Historic Places, 1975

Style: Renaissance Revival

Owner (past/present): State of Indiana

Materials: Indiana Limestone

Additions and/or changes with date:

1946: Main entrance remodeled

1980s: Interior restoration

Historic use/current use: Indiana State Capitol

Is building open to the public?: Yes

Condition: Excellent

Website and/or sources of information



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