Paramount Theatre Centre and Ballroom, 1929

1124 Meridian Street, Anderson IN 46016

Architect/Designer: Alvin M. Strauss, John Eberson


The Paramount Theater is a Spanish Colonial Revival atmospheric theater. The theater consists of three stories, the front elevation is a buff brick with terra cotta detailing on the windows, and cornice. While the exterior is striking it is the interior of the Paramount Theater that holds its grandeur. The Paramount is an atmospheric theater, popular in the early 20th century; atmospheric theaters are painted and stylized to imitate a natural or al fresco setting. The Paramount’s interior walls and ceiling have been painted to replicate a twilight setting while incorporating domestic Spanish architecture to create the illusion of a Spanish garden. The interior of the theater has been well preserved, however; over 200 seats were removed to create a more comfortable space for patrons. In addition to the theater space there is an upstairs ballroom with stage that retains its original maple hardwood floors.

Significance Statement:

The Paramount Theater is one of the few Spanish colonial revival structures in Indiana as well as a rare example of the atmospheric theater which was popular in the early 20th century.

Designation status:

National Register of Historic Places (1991)

Style: Spanish Colonial Revival

Owner (past/present):

Past: Publix Corporation

Present: Paramount Theater board of directors

Materials: Terra Cotta, brick

Additions and/or changes with date:

Remodeling in 1994 and 1995 included seat removal, altering fixtures and restoration of the upstairs ballroom.

Historic use/current use: Theater, music facility

Is building open to the public?: Yes

Condition: Good

Website and/or sources for further information

The Paramount Theatre Centre & Ballroom:

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