Clement Studebaker House (Tippecanoe Place), 1889

620 West Washington Ave., South Bend IN

Architect/Designer: Henry Ives Cobb


Tippecanoe Place is a four story stone structure, it is situated on a bluff creating the appearance of three stories on its south and west sides. The mansion features an irregular plan and roof line creating a greater depth and massive appearance. Aiding this grand appearance are several towers, turrets and steep gables along with its impressive six chimneys.

Significance Statement – including special status and awards won:

The Clement Studebaker served as president of the Studebaker Brothers Company for 33 years. At one time the largest horse-drawn vehicle firm in the world, Studebaker became a forerunner in self-propelled vehicles. Tippecanoe Place, the home of Clement Studebaker, is a symbol of Studebaker’s lasting impact on the automobile industry. Additionally Tippecanoe Place is one of the rare examples of the Richardsonian Romanesque style used in a residential structure.

Designation status:

National Register of Historic Places, 1973

National Historic Landmark, 1977

Style: Richardsonian Romanesque

Owner (past/present):

Past: Clement Studebaker

Present: Matteoni Family

Materials: Indiana limestone

Additions and/or changes with date:

1980 interior alterations to convert home into restaurant

Historic use/current use:

Historic use: Residential

Current use: Restaurant/Event Space

Is building open to the public?: Yes, scheduled tours and dining

Condition: Excellent

Website and/or sources of information

More information:


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