Scottish Rite Cathedral, 1929

650 North Meridian Street, Indianapolis IN 46204

Architect/Designer: George F. Schreiber


The Scottish Rite Cathedral is a four story rectangular structure with a centrally located square tower. The main façade is symmetrical with the main entry located in a central pavilion. The entry features a pointed-arch opening that is flanked by wall buttresses. The wings on either side of the entry have five bays each separated by wall buttresses, the windows throughout the structure vary in shape and size. At each corner of the Cathedral is a four story tower. The dominant feature of the building, the 210′ tower, sits just behind the entry pavilion. The tower features angle wall buttresses, a lattice work parapet wall and large stained glass windows within pointed-arch openings. The pride and joy of the Scottish Rite Cathedral is the 65-bell carillon, at one time the largest in the country, the carillon is still played during special occasions.

Significance Statement – including special status and awards won:

The Scottish Rite Cathedral is one of the largest Scottish Rite structures in the nation. A division of Freemasonry, the Scottish Rite focus on supporting education and the arts. The Cathedral was built with every dimension (in feet) being evenly divisible by three, which reflects the three degrees in Freemasonry; many being divisible by 33, reflecting the degrees a member of the Scottish Rite can achieve. The Scottish Rite Cathedral was, at one time, designated by the International Association of Architects as “one of the seven most beautiful buildings in the world.”

Designation status:

National Register of Historic Places, 1988

Style: Tudor Gothic Revival

Owner (past/present): Valley of Indianapolis Scottish Rite

Materials: Limestone

Additions and/or changes with date: General restoration over time

Historic use/current use: Masonic Lodge

Is building open to the public?: Yes, daily tours available

Condition: Excellent

Website and/or sources of information:

 Website and virtual tour:

Research Sources:

National Register of Historic Places, Scottish Rite Cathedral, Marion, Indianapolis, Indiana. 1988.


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