Rapp-Owen Granary, 1818

413 Granary Street, New Harmony, IN 47631

Architect/Designer: George Rapp; The Harmonist Society


The Rapp-Owen Granary is a stately utilitarian structure. Rising five and half stories the structure is vertically symmetrical. The main entrance is a simple wooden door with two large windows on either side which span the height of the second floor. The next three stories are delineated by three identical small windows on each floor. The first three floors have an exterior material of ashlar stone while the upper levels are brick. The horizontal separation of building material gives this simple structure a feeling of dignity that is not often found in such a functional structure.


The  Granary  is  an  outstanding  example  of  Harmonist  architecture, originally built by the Harmonie  Society  in  1818. The site was converted into two different geological laboratories, first by William Maclure in 1827 and then by David Dale Owen in 1843. The site was later converted back to a wheat granary in the early 1900’s. Currently owned by the Rapp Granary-Owen Foundation, the granary has undergone extensive restoration and reconstruction for use as an event space. One of the oldest structures in Posey County, the Granary has been preserved to capture the unique and shifting history of New Harmony.


National Historic Landmark, 2006

National Register of Historic Places, New Harmony Historic District, 1966

Style: Barn/Granary

Owner (past/present):

Past: Granary, laboratory

Present: Rapp Granary-Owen Foundation


Sandstone, brick, wood

Additions and/or changes with date:

1997-1999: Extensive interior and exterior restoration

Historic use/current use:

Historic use: Granary

Current use: Event and community space

Is building open to the public?: Yes

Condition: Excellent

Website and/or sources of information:

Website: http://www.robertleeblafferfoundation.org/rapp-owen_granary.php


Robert Lee Blaffer Foundation. “The Rapp-Owen Granary: A Stately Fortress.” Accessed December 3, 2015. http://www.robertleeblafferfoundation.org/rapp-owen_granary.php

National Register of Historic Places. New Harmony Historic District. New Harmony, Posey, Indiana. 2006.


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