Morris-Butler House, 1865

1204 North Park Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46202

Architect/Designer: D.A. Bohlen


The Morris-Butler House is a three story brick structure with a four and half story tower off the main entrance. The house features two porches with balconies, one along the front of the house and another on the south façade. The stately residence features a mansard roof and elegant symmetry, characteristic of the design period. Now used as an event space the house features a commercial kitchen and is ADA compliant.


One of the oldest residences in the Old Northside neighborhood of Indianapolis, the Morris-Butler house has been expertly preserved due to its use as a house museum. A house museum for over 50 years, the interior still contains many of its original furnishings. The Morris-Butler house is a beautiful example of the Second Empire style and captures the history of upper-class life in one of the early suburbs of Indianapolis.


National Register of Historic Places, The Morris-Butler House, 1973.

Style: Second Empire

Owner (past/present):

1864-1878: John Morris

1881-1957: Noble Butler

1964 – Present: Indiana Landmarks

Materials: Brick

Additions and/or changes with date:

Early 2000s: Changes to basement, creation of commercial kitchen and addition of elevator

Historic use/current use:

Historic Use: Residential

Current Use: Event space

Is building open to the public?:

No, the property is open for events and rental tours. Historical tours are no longer offered.

Condition: Excellent

Website and/or sources of information:


Research Sources:

Indiana Landmarks. The Morris-Butler House. Accessed September 4, 2015.