Eskenazi Health; Sidney & Louis Eskenazi Hospital, 2014

720 Eskenazi Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46202

Architect: HOK


Rather than create a massive single structure, the designers assembled hospital elements into distinct service areas, creating a series of linked buildings and spaces. Eskenazi Hospital’s main entrance is located on the east side of the structure. The east façade can be described as three different structures that are internally connected. The southernmost structure is the Eskenazi Health wing, a five story metal and glass building with three bays. The central bay features a large multistory glass window; the two symmetrical wings have horizontal windows along each floor. The central structure, the primary care center, is comprised of two areas, a six story glass and concrete structure with north and south facing glass curtain walls. The second area of the primary care center is a massive glass curtain wall with various tinted glass panels; the curtain wall is suspended within a concrete frame by small visually unobtrusive concrete columns. The final structure on the east façade is the hospital which is along the northern corner; it is the largest and most impressive space. The nine story cantilevered hospital structure is elevated from the ground approximately one story and projects eastward creating the majority of the northern façade. The structure is two cantilevered concrete frames that surround a glass curtain wall. The dynamic and seemingly disjoined space is effortless brought into a unifying design by repeating rectilinear shapes, strong horizontal windows and vertical tinted glass. Additional features of Eskenazi Hospital include the innovative Eskenazi Health Sky Farm, a rooftop fruit and vegetable garden with 5,000 square feet of grow-able space that can be utilized by the public, employees and patients.


Built to replace the former Wishard Hospital, Eskenazi Hospital is a contemporary space that combines health services with academic training and public amenities. The hospital campus can be described in three separate structures, the administration building referred to as Eskenazi Health, the primary care center and the medical center referred to as Sidney & Lois Eskenazi Hospital. The efficient design and use of space enables the hospital to now serve 20 percent more patients in one-third the amount of space. The structure is LEED Gold certified and has won a number of awards including: Best International Development by Building Better Healthcare; The Merit Award by AIA St. Louis; Monumental Award by The Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce.



Style: Modern

Owner (past/present): Eskenazi Health

Materials: Glass, Concrete, Metal

Additions and/or changes with date: None

Historic use/current use: Hospital

Is building open to the public?: Yes

Condition: Excellent

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HOK. “A new model public hospitals.” Accessed December 2, 2015.

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