Roofless Church , 1960

508 North Street, New Harmony, IN 47631

Architect: Philip Johnson


Philip Johnson’s Roofless Church is an open-air non-denominational church and public space. The site encompasses not only the famous roofless structure but the surrounding landscaped space. The site is surrounded by a brick wall with concrete pathways and golden rain trees. The domed canopy in the center of the church was constructed using cedar shingles and is the focal point for the entire space. The church contains several works of art including the sculpture, The Descent of the Holy Spirit by Jacques Lipchitz which is placed at the center of the domed canopy. Other sculptures within the church include: Memorial Gates, Jacques Libchitz; As the Clay… by Gail Russell; Baptismal Font by William Schickel; Polish Memorial by Eva Sygulska; Pieta by Stephen de Staebler; Arch by Bruno La Verdiere; Angel of Annunciation by Stephen de Staebler; Shrine of Our Lady, Queen of Peace, by an unknown artist from antiquity.


Philip Johnson’s Roofless Church is a modern addition to the New Harmonist utopian vision of equality and spirituality. Set apart from Johnson’s International Style and glass work, the Roofless Church has no equal in his expansive portfolio.


National Register of Historic Places, New Harmony Historic District (1966, 2002)

Johnson’s Roofless Church was added to the New Harmony Historic District (est. 1966) in 2002

Style: Modern

Owner (past/present):

Past: Jane Blaffer Owen

Present: Robert Lee Blaffer Foundation


Cedar shingles, Designed landscaping, Sculptural elements

Additions and/or changes with date: N/A

Historic use/current use: Non-denominational Church; public space

Is building open to the public?: Yes

Condition : Excellent

Website and/or sources for further information:

Robert Lee Baffler Foundation website:

Visit New Harmony:

Historic New Harmony:

Research sources:

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