Indianapolis Union Railroad Station, 1888

39 W Jackson Place, Indianapolis, IN 46225

Architect/Designer: Thomas Rodd


The striking Romanesque Revival railway station is three and a half stories tall with a six story clock tower. The station features round brick arches and various brick work details, characteristic of the Romanesque style. There is a circular rose window on either side of the structure and it is certainly the focal point of the structure not only on the exterior but the interior. The grand hall features two block long barrel vault with striking stained glass that runs the entire length. The former train shed now houses the Crowne Plaza Hotel. Twenty-six of the hotel rooms are housed in former Pullman rail cars, creating a unique hotel destination. The Union Station is certainly a monument in downtown Indianapolis, recalling a time of grand architecture and the importance of rail transportation in Indianapolis.


Built on the site of America’s first Union Station, the Indianapolis Union Station connected Indianapolis with the rest of America and thus was a significant factor in the growth of the capital city. Union Stations are railway stations that connect multiple rail lines from multiple companies. At the height of its use over 200 trains passed through Union Station every day. Union Station was designed to capture the grandeur that city leaders saw for Indianapolis, a symbol of transportation and urban development.


National Register of Historic Places, 1974

Style: Romanesque Revival

Owner (past/present):

Past: Union Railway Company

Present: The City of Indianapolis

Train shed: Crowne Plaza Hotel

Materials: Brick

Additions and/or changes with date:

1920s: Marquee added to main façade

1984: Restoration, parts of Union Station adapted into Crowne Plaza Hotel

Historic use/current use:

Historic use: Railroad station

Current use: Hotel, event space

Is building open to the public?: Yes, self-guided tours available

Condition: Excellent

Website and/or sources of information:

History and tours:

Research Sources:

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