The Littleton Barn, 1903

500 West, 600 North Road McCordsville, IN

Architect/Designer: Benton Steele


The Littleton Barn is a three story round barn with an expansive hay loft and cupola. The barn is 102 feet in diameter making it the largest round barn in Indiana. The design is simple with vertically symmetrical windows on the first and second floor with a series of square windows along the roof line. The large domed roof leads to the large cupola that also features a number of windows. The Littleton Barn has become a regular feature on Indiana barn tours and remains one of the most well known barns in the state.

Significance Statement – including special status and awards won:

The Littleton Barn was commissioned by attorney Frank Littleton and designed by Benton Steele. Construction of the barn was carried out by Horace Duncan who went on to build several round barns in Indiana. Steele had recently designed a barn for Littleton’s rival that was 100 ft in diameter, Littleton commissioned his barn to be 102 ft making it the largest round barn in the state.

Designation status:

National Register of Historic Places, 1993

Style: Round Barn

Owner (past/present): Past: Frank L. Littleton

Materials: Wood

Additions and/or changes with date: Information unavailable

Historic use/current use: Barn

Is building open to the public?: No, seasonal tours are available

Condition: Excellent

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Research Sources:

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