Francis Costigan House, 1850

408 W 3rd St, Madison, IN 47250

Architect/Designer: Francis Costigan


The Francis Costigan House is two story brick townhome. The façade is fairly simple and a stunning example of the effortless elegance of the Greek Revival style. The entry features a portico with dentils and beading supported by two Corinthian columns with an Egyptian-influence. The entry portico detailing is repeated in the roof line creating unity within the design. The first floor window and two second story windows are identically designed. The large windows have sandstone sill and lintels with full length shutters. The Costigan House is considered a marvel in design; the two story structure features several rooms and two staircases on only a 22-foot wide lot. The main entrance is a sliding pocket door, a highly uncommon feature that allowed greater use of the interior space. An additional space saving feature is the dual stair case. A flight of stairs from the hall and the dining room meet at a small second-floor landing and are separated by a removable swinging gate. The dual stair case and gate allow for larger rooms on the second floor.


Francis Costigan, a renowned architect and builder, constructed several homes within the city of Madison. Costigan went on to design several commercial and residential structures in Indianapolis; however, none of them have survived. The Francis Costigan House was his family’s private residence and sits within the Madison Historic Landmark District. A small townhouse, the Costigan House features a unique interior layout that has been expertly preserved.


National Register of Historic Places, Madison Historic District, 1973.

National Historic Landmark, Madison Historic District, 2006.

Style: Greek Revival

Owner (past/present):

Past: Francis Costigan

Present: Historic Madison, Inc.

Material: Brick

Additions and/or changes with date: Interior changes in decoration over time

Historic use/current use:

Historic Use: Residential

Current Use: Museum

Is building open to the public?: Yes, seasonal tours available (April – October)

Condition: Excellent

Website and/or sources of information:

Website and virtual tour:

Research Sources:

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